Wedding Planner… yay or nay ?

Wedding Planner… yay or nay ?


One of the most important days in any woman’s life is her wedding day! This day is one that many have thought about for sooo long while others just wing it and enjoy it when the time comes. Where do you fall…? Have you been planning your big day since you were five… or are you like me, ready to get it over with and just enjoy the marriage? Many people enjoy all the intricacies of planning a wedding while others would gladly have someone else do it. I definitely fall into the latter. Yes, I’m a wedding planner who does not want to plan her own wedding.

As a wedding planner I guess my response to this question would be somewhat biased, but even if I wasn’t, I would always say Yay!!! Why do all that work when you could have someone who enjoys the process, have fun making your dream a reality?? I understand that wedding planning is intimate and very special, but if you could get someone else to use their expertise while you prepare to do life with a stranger, why wouldn’t you?

For many wedding planners, engagement season is when all the fun begins for us. Meeting new clients, venue outings, talking to vendors and beginning the planning process can be extremely exciting but it’s also means time to get to work. From building new client portfolios to booking clients, the organized chaos begins! So if we enjoy this “organized chaos”, why would so many brides choose to do it themselves? I don’t know but I have a few ideas:

  1. They are CRAZY, lol
  2. They enjoy this organized chaos
  3. They are CRAZY, no but really 🙂
  4. They suffer from I can do it on my own syndrome
  5. They think it would be fun
  6. They have Nobody will accurately execute what is my brain syndrome
  7. They have control issues
  8. They are DIY queens!
  9. They just genuinely enjoy planning things.
  10. The cost doesn’t justify the services provided

I’m a wedding planner and I know it is a fun adventure from meeting the bride to watching everything come to life. The idea of helping someone plan, execute and celebrate their special day brings joy to my heart. Unlike many planners, I do not necessarily have a price list because I am open to customizing something just for my clients. Depending on your budget, I will try to make your dreams a reality. Want to know more?

Shoot me an email. The Willow


Engagement Season is upon us!

Engagement Season is upon us!


Whether you are waiting to receive a ring or planning a proposal, engagement season is one of the most exciting periods of the year. As the year comes to an end, many look forward to New Year resolutions and gift shopping, while others are on the edge of their seats waiting for the moment she says yes, or he proposes.

I recently saw a video of a couple who got engaged then married on the same day, sounds like a lot right? But I would actually love that! Imagine not going through the task of planning your own wedding, picking color schemes, dealing with crazy bridesmaids or parent drama or calling millions of vendors and cake tasting, well that’s the fun part. Just imagine jumping from yes I will…. to yes I do! Huge leap right? Well it sounds just perfect to me.

So after watching that video, I actually thought about how that would work out in my life. I’m thefirst daughter of a Nigerian Pastor, so for those of you who are not familiar, let me explain what that means. First of all, the idea of a small wedding is automatically out the window because not only do I have a huge family and friends to consider, I now have church members and lots of pastors to include. I always wanted a wedding of about 100 guests but NOPE, let’s just say I’ll be lucky if I can get less than 300.

Next, not only would I have to cater to both families and extended families and all the different opinions and personalities, but I would be doing this while planning 3 events… YES, 3 EVENTS! The family Introduction, Traditional Wedding, Wedding Ceremony and I guess the Reception counts too… so that’s actually 4. Finally, with all these events come not just 1 dress but about 5 or 6 different outfits and colors, and let’s not forget about Aso Ebi. What is Aso Ebi you might ask, it is a “uniform” that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods. [1]

So, what do I mean by colors?

Well, for the average bride, she probably picks 2-3 colors for the entire wedding. For example, navy blue and pink with maybe gold or silver accents for décor. For a Nigerian bride, I have to think of colors to wear for the family introduction, colors for both outfits that the bride and groom will wear for the traditional wedding. Then there’s the groom’s family aso ebi colors, and bride’s family aso ebi colors and let’s not forget the friends of the couple’s aso ebi colors… and yes that’s just for the traditional wedding. Then there’s the wedding ceremony colors for décor, and bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers as well as all the different aso ebi groups again. The thought of picking all these colors is already overwhelming, hence my dream of getting engaged then married on the same day. Why not have my groom worry about all this, while I continue to enjoy my life stress-free.

So what do I think when I hear engagement season is right around the color, I picture myself in a room surrounded by thousands of color swatches and screaming family members saying “pick this one”.  My only saving grace…. I love weddings and I am a wedding planner, so I’ve being doing this for years… so bring on the color wheel.

Congratulations to all the soon to be the engaged couples!


1. Olukoju, A.. (1992). Maritime Trade in Lagos in the Aftermath of the First World War. African Economic History, (20), 119–135.