The struggle is real

The struggle is real

Transparency. One word not a lot of people seem to be fond of. Well like everyone else, I struggle with transparency. Up until recently, I liked to consider myself an open book. I thought because I tell people part of who I am, it meant I was open. Well lately I have learned that transparency without vulnerability is no transparency at all.

For the past six weeks, I cohosted a connect group with a friend of mine. Myself along with 18-20 other people met on a regular basis to discuss singleness, dating and healthy relationships. Throughout the course of these weeks, I quickly learned that people will only open up to you when you learn to be vulnerable and transparent with them.

Like everyone else in the world, I have a past but my story is one of redemption. You see I have been through hurt, rejection, abuse, heartbreak and many other things that are only a part of who I am today but do not define me. Learning to embrace my journey gives me the strength I have to live life to its fullest. The love of Christ teaches me to surrender my past to the only one who gives me hope for the future.

In these past weeks I have learned that my past does not define my future. I have learned that being open and vulnerable provides me with the opportunity to get hurt but I must decide if I will allow people to use my past as a weapon to hurt me. You see you decide if you will be offended by how others view or digest your past. My wise friend once said, offense is a choice. If I share who I am and you people react a certain way, I can choose to be offended or not.  Your past is yours and what people think about it does not matter.

So, when it comes to transparency remember that your level of transparency should not be determined by how people will react or what people will think. What people think doesn’t matter… what matters is what God says and knows about you! Your security in Christ should allow you do life with others without any fears or worries. Do not let anyone’s potential opinions of you force you into a walking around with a mask on. Live your life. You were set free when Jesus died for your sins.

Lots of Love ❤


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