Happy Moversary to Me!

Happy Moversary to Me!

And just like that I have lived in Maryland for 4 months. I can’t believe how much time truly flies when you’re having fun! Well that’s what everyone seems to say, and since time isn’t crawling, I’m definitely having a blast!

Looking back at these 4 months, I have gained so much knowledge and learned a lot about myself. For those who know me, moving to Maryland was a huge deal for me. I have wanted to move here for the past 11 years but God was just not having it. I applied to college in MD, I looked for jobs in Maryland, I even thought about marrying someone in Maryland but God was teaching me how to be patient and wait for his time.

After living here for the past 4 months, I’m not so sure what I thought was so special about this state lol, but it sure isn’t as magical as I thought, well on some days it isn’t. You see I lived in a state that I thought drove me crazy. I worked at a job I hated and lived in a town I barely did anything in. (fyi i lived there for 13 years and have no clue who my neighbors are -_-). I was so desperate to leave this very boring place where nothing happened. Now that I look back, the only boring thing about that place was me.

In just a few short months in Maryland, one thing God has shown me is a very clear reflection of myself.  He has shown me how much I am loved, how much He thinks of and cares for me. You see sometimes God holds us back from  certain things to save us from ourselves and protect us. What we see as a denial or rejection, is just God looking out for us. I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I moved to Maryland earlier, but I’m glad it happened at God’s right time.

Things I’ve re-learned in these few months:

  • Never rush anything. Things will work out when it’s the best time for you!
  • Enjoy your days. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Take chances, dare to dream. Go on an adventure. Live life to the fullest each and every single day.
  • What is for you, will be yours eventually. Nothing can stop or hinder God’s plans for you, so just be patient and have faith. You might not see it now, but God is always working!
  • The rejections of today do not affect God’s plans for your tomorrow!
  • Rejection is God’s protection 
  • Delay is most certainly not a denial.
  • While you’re in life’s waiting room, develop yourself! PREPARE for what ever is next. Don’t just wait idly, do something. Be productive.

So I say all this to say, live your life, don’t let your life live you. Lol that sounds like such a cliché but it is so true. Many people let life pass them by while they waste away waiting for the next phase of their lives. Enjoy all the seconds and moments of everyday. Don’t wait for this magical next place, next step, new place, new status, new phase to come before you start doing all the great things you have dreamed up in your heads. Enjoy the now!

Lots of Love!


P.S. Maryland is making me fat! I hate the idea of brunch…. no really why o why must we eat at delicious brunch spots all the time. Who ever louded the idea of brunch should be smacked. Oh &Pizza is just horribly delicious. 😦


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