The Wedding Dating Game

The Wedding Dating Game

So I recently attended my friend’s wedding and during her reception she decided it would be o so fun to try to play matchmaker. I mean think about it, she’s in love and she wants others to feel what she’s feeling so why not. I guess I should have known this would happen, because this lovely lady enjoys playing matchmaker. You’re probably thinking it doesn’t sound so bad, well it doesn’t, unless you’re one of the single ladies competing for a date with a stranger. Here’s how it all went down…

I attended this wedding all by myself, but I decided date or not, I was going to have a blast while celebrating this wonderful union. After the cocktail hour, I walked into the ballroom trying to figure out where I would be seating, when I noticed I knew one person on my table. I was excited that at least I wouldn’t be silent throughout the whole event. I sat at my table and patiently waited for a familiar face and finally there she was.

The reception began and I was having fun, when I noticed the MC carrying out some chairs to the dance floor. “Must be the shoe game”, I thought but little did I know things were about to go in a completely different direction. Usually the shoe games requires only 2 chairs, one for the bride and the other for the groom, but why o why where there 4 chairs; 3 facing one direction and 1 facing the opposite direction.

“What in the world is going on here? There is no way this is about to happen. This girl wouldn’t dear play this game at her wedding. The dating game, seriously? O no! She better not pick me! She wouldn’t put me on the spot like that.” All these thoughts raced through my mind and then the MC announced the game. I began to panic because knowing my friend, I knew I was a few seconds from hearing my name being called out as a contestant.

“Seye”….Yep! There goes my name.” I gracefully stood up and approached the dance floor and the spot light followed me to my seat. Not only was I a contestant in this game, but there were over 300 strangers who would be watching as well.

Question 1– Where in the world would you travel to if you could right now?

“That’s easy”, I thought, “Tokyo, Japan”. I’ve always been very fascinated by that place.

Question 2– Can you cook, and if yes, what is your favorite dish?

“Uh Oh”! Not only do I not cook but I was about to tell a room full of NIGERIAN strangers that as a young Nigerian female, I do not cook. This whole situation was embarrassing enough but it would only get worse, so I decided to have fun with my answer. The first 2 contestants went on and on about their amazing cooking skills and then the answer popped into my head. Instead of further embarrassing myself, I decided why not show some humor and my fun personality.

“What is your definition of cooking? Boiling water, making cereal?” I answered and the whole room laughed hysterically. “I have an advanced pallet so I like to enjoy meals from other countries. You know Thai, Chinese, Sushi, Jamaican. You can’t always eat Nigerian food. I enjoy branching out!”  After answering that question I was sure there was no chance this bachelor would consider dating a Nigerian woman who didn’t cook.

Question 3– What do you look for in a husband?

“Oh this is easy, God!” That was my thought until the MC said “We all know God is important ladies, no need to go that route”. God is the most important part of my life and although the MC had made his statement, I was sure that was the answer I would still give.

“A man who not only knows God, but God knows him too! I want a man who is walking and working in his God ordained purpose and living out his life in the will of God”. The whole room started clapping. “O no! They like me, they really like me”, I thought as the MC mentioned it would be time for the mystery dater to choose a contestant.

“Contestant number 1” the MC said as the guest began to clap. I clapped and cheered too because I didn’t want him to pick me.

“Contestant number 2”. I cheered even louder because she was a lovely lady and I thought she should win.

Finally it was my turn. While attempting to say Contestant number 3, I noticed a group of women jump to their feet cheering really loudly. The whole room cheered and clapped. I was shocked! “Wow, he’s going to pick me. No this was not the plan!”

“So chairman, who do you pick?” The MC said.

“Contestant number 3!”

Not only was I shocked and slightly embarrassed, I was also somewhat excited because it showed me that the ability to cook is not as important as I thought.

The young man walked towards me and gave me a hug. Not only did I win this game, but the couple decided they would be sponsoring the date.

The rest of the night was filled with dancing and a lot of attention from people telling me to enjoy my date and give the young man a chance. Although it wasn’t the way I expected my night to turn out, I still had a blast and met some really cool new people.

Congratulations to the bride and groom. Many blessings in your marriage!




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