Live Loved

Live Loved




Live loved…. What exactly does that mean.

Well, I’ve been going through this love journey lately. What is love? Do you I feel loved? Do i understand love? How do you show love? What does love look like? While on this journey of love discovery, I stumbled upon a book. Well, I didn’t exactly stumble upon it, but my cousin told me about it, and now I am beyond grateful to her for changing my life.

What does living loved look like…. I’m still figuring it out but I know that I think less about what others think of me and focus more on what God thinks of me and what I think of me. Have you every walked into a room and thought “every one is staring at me”. “Why are they making faces at me?” Well, sorry to burst your bubble sweetheart, but as much as you think everyone is worried about you, everyone else also thinks everyone is worried about them. In reality, we are all just worrying about ourselves and not necessarily about the other people in the room. Lots of worrying going on right? The fact is, NO ONE is really WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!!! We need to get out of our own heads and stop projecting our feelings of rejection and insecurities on other people who might OR might not even care. We are probably all a bunch of selfish human beings focused on ourselves that we actually don’t have time to care much about others…. sad right?

So what is Living loved, it is walking in God’s love every moment of everyday and bringing in that love into every situation and place we find ourselves. We should be adding in a little piece of beautiful every where we go. Lysa TerKeurst or as I like to call her now, Auntie Lysa, discusses this journey of living loved in the book Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely. This book has not only changed my outlook on life and how I see myself, but it reminds me that we are all a bunch of broken people who just want to be loved. Whether its eros love, philia love or just any old kind of love, we all just need some love in our lives. Until we can get past our past rejections and pain and choose to live in the abundance of love God has placed on us, we will continue to feel #uninvited.

For more information on the book, click here  !

Lots of Love!


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